Experimenting on Animals: Ethical or Not?

Each year scientists perform experiments on over 100 million animals. These animals undergo day after day of day of testing for advancement in science or cosmetics for the supposed benefits to humans. While undergoing these experiments, the animals live in small cages and are deprived of affection and socialization.

Some people find animal experiments necessary. According to the BBC, people who support animal experiments do so if the following conditions are met:

  • Animal suffering is minimized
  • There are benefits to humans that couldn’t be obtained from other methods

Unfortunately these conditions are not always met by companies that perform animal testing. Johnson and Johnson is one of those companies. While their website does list its policy regarding animal testing and complying with ethical standards, the company has a history of testing their products on animals in inhumane ways such as stapling animal’s eyes open to test shampoos. Even with the policy updated, the company is doing the bare minimum to protect animal welfare.

Other companies put animals under brutal testing. Animal testing can include the following things:

  • Poisoning for toxicity testing
  • Skin burning
  • Implanting electrodes in their brains
  • Blinding from product testing
  • Other painful and invasive procedures

When an animal undergoes toxicity testing, a scientist often injects the animal with the harmful substance daily for periods of up to two years. The animals do not get a chance to recover in between exposure to substances. Many animals die before the testing period is over. The rest of the animals are put down at the end of the testing period

Not all scientists agree that animal testing is necessary. Some scientists believe it does little to prove safety or efficacy of a product. Often scientists believe the predictive value of this type of research is too low to lead to precise results in humans. This results in unnecessary suffering to the animals for the sake of data that is not relevant.

If you believe that animal testing is unnecessary, you can take some actionable steps. Consider making a donation to the Humane Society to help fight against unnecessary animal testing. Research the brands you buy to see if they test on animals and consider making a different choice if they use unethical practices.

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