Dogs Are Social Animals

you ever wondered why your dog is so friendly compared to other
animals? Why do dogs seem to possess an endless amount of enthusiasm,
excitement and genuine love for their human friends? Your dog is so
friendly because all dogs are social animals.

Descendants of Wolves

if your dog has never encountered another dog in its life, they will
exhibit behavioral characteristics of pack animals. This is because
your micro-teacup-chihuahua is actually descended from wild wolves.

have played the most significant role in shaping canine evolution.
The earliest dogs to become companions to humans were wolves who,
through an evolutionary gene abnormality, were more docile, and less
aggressive towards humans.

less aggressive wolves were domesticated and bred to produce wolf
puppies who carried the same less aggressive genes as their parents.
Selective breeding, as the practice is called, is highly effective in
reproducing desirable genes in puppies like fur color, a docile
demeanor, and eliminating undesirable genes such as aggression

have had a lot of practice when it comes to selective breeding, but
the one aspect about every dog that no amount of selective breeding
will eliminate is their social behavior.

live in packs. They hunt, breed, communicate and live out their
entire lives under the instinctual rules of a pack. Every pack has a
leader to which all other dogs in the pack are submissive. The pack
leader finds food, water and shelter for the rest of the pack. They
protect and they provide.

the eyes of your dog, you are the pack leader. If your dog doesn’t
see you as its pack leader, some troubling issues can arise.

Effects of Not Socializing Your Dog

need socialization and they need attention. A dog that is not
properly socialized from an early age is more prone to develop
anxiety in certain situations that can lead to aggressive behavior.

who are left in isolation with little to no companionship can develop
severe emotional distress, but the effects can also be physical. Lack
of social bonding often leads to a depressed immune system which
increases the chance of illness.

of social bonding can also lead to confusion in dogs who often fail
to eat or drink properly.

left in isolation, even when provided with adequate food and water,
will avoid them, leading to weakness, aggression, and poor health.

to Socialize Your Dog

best way to socialize your dog and instill positive behavior is to
provide them with as much attention as you can possibly give them and
don’t forget the importance of socializing with other dogs.

parks are the best place to find other dogs who are instinctually
driven to run, play and socialize with your dog. There are no
outcasts in a pack.

greet your dog with enthusiasm when you come home, pet them when they
lay beside you and praise them when they exhibit positive behavior.

dog has so much enthusiasm, excitement and genuine love for you
because you are their pack leader, you provide for them, and they
love you unconditionally.

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