What You Need to Know about Cat Catch and Release Programs

roaming cats live among us, making their homes wherever they can.
While these cats are certainly adorable and some human residents may
love their community pets, these cats bring problems with them. Many
people complain about outdoor, free roaming cats because they may
yowl at night. The cats often urinate in yards or gardens, leaving
behind a very pungent odor. They may dig and scratch where humans do
not want them to dig or scratch.

cat catch and release program like a Trap Neuter Release program may
be an effective way to reduce the stray cat population and the
problems accompanying the population. In these programs, cats are
humanely trapped in box traps, taken to a veterinarian, neutered and
vaccinated against rabies. Then these cats are returned to their
environments to live out their lives.

Trap Neuter and Release programs are a more humane solution than
catching and killing stray cats. Neutering these cats has a number of
benefits. Over time, it will reduce the stray cat population.
Neutered cats are also less prone to bothersome behaviors like
spraying, yowling, and digging. Cats that are fixed also aren’t as
prone to aggression, making them more pleasant neighborhood
inhabitants. They tend to wander less and their urine will be far
less pungent than intact cats.

Trap Neuter and Release programs don’t address the less than ideal
conditions these cats live in. However, many cat lovers step in and
take care of these neighborhood cats.

you are a cat caretaker in your community for these cats, you can
help these kitties by caring for these kitties responsibly. Make sure
each cat in your in care has access to clean food and water, a litter
box and veterinary care as needed. Additionally never care for more
than the maximum number of animals allowed for your property.

Trap Neuter Release programs do take some pressure of the
neighborhood cat caretaker and make these cats easier to care for by
removing bothersome behaviors. Also, a cat caretaker may find that
neutered cats returned to their area will need less food overall
since the cats’ roaming and sexual activity are
Most importantly, these programs will reduce the stray cat population
in the area, meaning less cats that need a little extra help. You can
help support these programs by making a donation the National Humane

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