Tips for Successfully Developing a Bond with Your New Pet

If you are about to become a pet owner for the first time, you may be experiencing nervousness at the sheer volume of things you need to learn. While there is a slight learning curve if you have never taken care of a pet before, if you approach the process the right way, you will be able to choose the ideal pet for your personality and situation and be able to bond with them quickly. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

What Kind of Pet Is Best for Your Family?

Before you start getting excited about ways to bond with your pet and make sure they are the happiest in your home they can be, take some time to carefully decide what kind of pet you would like to have. Be sure to consider all the members of your family; for instance, if your spouse is allergic to dogs and your backyard is small, a Golden Retriever may not be the best fit for your home. You should also consider the ages and temperament of your family (as well as your own) — certain breeds are good with children, while others can be more temperamental or solitary and are better suited to teenagers and adults. Along the same lines, some breeds are perfect for seniors and retirees who would like a companion without the manic energy.

While you’re looking at pets, don’t forget about other, less common varieties of animal, like fish (great lower-maintenance pets) or reptiles (beautiful and exotic). Be sure to research all your options, including rescuing a cat or dog from a local animal shelter, before making a decision.

How Can You Make Life as a New Pet Owner Easier?

Once you’ve selected your new companion, it’s time to start gathering gadgets to make your life easier. For instance, if you have a dog, you’ll need food and water feeders or dishes, as well as toys, a collar, and a leash. If you work during the day, you may want to branch out with an electronic dog door, which will make it possible for your dog to go outside when necessary, freeing you from the worry that your dog will act up due to a lack of exercise. Remember to choose toys that will appeal to your pet — for example, many cats enjoy quickly moving toys and small enclosed spaces, so make sure you select things they might like.

What Is the Best Way to Develop a Bond with Your Pet?

Finally, once your pet is home and you’re properly outfitted with all the tools and gadgets you need, you can focus on what’s most important: developing a bond with your new pet. The first and best way you can start to develop a bond is simply by spending time with them. For dogs, this may involve playing fetch and going on walks; cats may prefer curling up in an armchair, playing with string or a laser pointer, or grooming. Familiarity is a powerful force — even if your pet seems shy or uncertain at first, remember that a new person and a new setting can be scary and overwhelming. Bonding takes time, and keep in mind that each animal’s personality is as individual and different as our own. The kinds of bonding techniques that work well for one pet may not work at all for another, and vice versa. Part of the joy of getting to know your new pet is figuring out what they like and how they show affection in return.

Once you have chosen a pet that perfectly suits your home, remember to get an array of toys and necessities to keep your pet healthy and happy. Afterward, you will be free to get to know one another and gradually develop a bond.

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