Being A True Advocate for Animals: Molly and Samantha’s Story

Years ago I got some good advice from our vet that has stayed with me always . He said if we were going to be true advocates for animals, they had to come first…not people. He said we would probably please people along the way, (and make a few mad) but that should not be our primary goal. It is about the dog…the dog..the dog!! And my husband’s philosophy is that when they come to us, they have been betrayed by humans and it cannot happen again.
Last month Lisa Hess and I took a day trip to a family in the country who had given shelter to two adorable dogs found roaming down a gravel road. All efforts to find the owners over a months time failed and they contacted us. We marveled at how beautiful they were, and how sweet.

Valentine and Molly came here and the usual medical attention was given and they settled in to their daily life here while I worked at putting weight on them and learning about their personalities.
Molly and Val were bonded but we felt because they were young, they could adapt to a home with another dog. Lots of applications arrived on my computer for Val but someone discovered Molly before I could get her posted. The new owner patiently waited until Val was also placed so one would not be left behind. I like for two dogs to move away at the same time and start their new life.

I apply my life lessons to dogs also. I grew up in a Navy family and spent my life moving from place to place. A well known saying in military families is “it is hardest to be one left behind.” I remembered too many times when my friend’s fathers got orders and moved and I was left behind…Japan being the hardest for me when I faced my junior year in high school with all of my good friends having moved back to the states.
And Molly waited so Val would not be left behind in spite of many dogs here, Molly was her bestie. I answered wonderful apps on Val until one finally fit….just right. Both are now happily settled in their new homes…Val has two canine siblings and Molly has one. These decisions do not come easily to me and I am grateful would be owners are patient and give me time to assess the needs of the dogs.

his post is about little Molly, the more timid of the two. I decided she needed a quiet home with an older dog she could rely on and one who could be with her while she grows up. She needed a caring owner who I knew , without a doubt, would take care of her.
Sammy is getting on in years and needs a little sister to teach how to be a good dog. Molly is already a good dog, but she needs a friend to keep her safe and warm and give her confidence.

My wise mother once said, “Dogs are so intelligent, you can see it in their eyes.” How anyone can look at a dog and think otherwise is beyond my comprehension.
So Molly….. be safe, be happy, be brave, be strong and live a long and wonderful life and thank you Sammy for watching over her.

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