A St. Patrick’s Day Story for Ellie Mae

Dear Ellie Mae,

As you know it is almost St Patrick’s Day. I am sure you have heard Remy and me talking about it since I am of Irish descent, and he has decided he is also. I am posting your picture in your blinking St. Paddy’s Day necklace.

Well, the Irish believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and they also believe in Leprechauns. When I met you I thought you looked a bit like a leprechaun the way you bounced around and up and down with your crooked leg. You hop like they do and I see your face pop up in the yard.
When I saw your various medical issues, I thought I would need a pot of gold to fix you up. You were not spayed, had a cherry eye, a birth defect in your leg and foot, and you smelled like you had a bad infection, which you did. Nevertheless, I loaded you up in my car. I remember the sad look in your eyes when I turned around when you were in the back. You looked scared and confused, so I pulled over and took you up front in my lap. You pressed your head against me the whole way home. Maybe you had heard that your owner had made an appointment at the city animal shelter the next day. She was done with you at that point. You just presented too many problems for her to deal with and , after all, she had two other dogs to worry about and a little girl at home. I wonder if she was a single mom. You just could not stay there.
It was raining hard all of the way home, of course, and I carried you inside and fed you dinner. You inhaled everything so I fed you again and called the vet to make an appointment.

X Rays showed a bowed humorous bone and it appears this cannot be fixed. You were born with it and what is similar to a club foot in people. Sometimes you run on three legs and when your fourth leg comes forward, you sort of hop on it. I did not realize how sensitive it is until we made the mistake of putting a sweater on you and the arm hole made your leg hurt and you cried out in pain. That sweater is history.

Last week you were spayed and had your cherry eye removed and you are absolutely darling. I am here to tell you, Ellie Mae, that you have the most wonderful and delightful personality of almost any dog here. You adore attention, play endlessly and seem to relish every hour of every day. You have reminded me that we must cherish every day we are here and, like you, take joy in the smallest things, like the time you barked ferociously at that scary dog staring back at you from the mirror! You love watching TV on Terry’s lap and snuggling in bed.

I am not sure who found my phone number or why my phone rang that day, but know this. I am glad I answered it. I am glad I drove in the pouring rain to meet you. I am glad you came home with me. I am glad you are so happy to be alive. And I am glad you are safe and well and I know that you will find a forever family one of these days. Oh, and Ellie Mae, that pot of gold was indeed at the end of the rainbow and it was you.

Maureen Cummins
Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

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