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Haven had a rough start to life but it immediately improved when A Dozen Roses Animal Rescue pulled her from a bad situation. I work at a busy veterinary clinic and remember the day they walked through the door with this sad looking 7 week old puppy. It was clear from looking at her that she was going to lose her eye. It’s unclear how it happened but she sustained trauma or severe infection to the point that her eye had ruptured and it couldn’t be saved. Surgery was a success and although her eye was gone, she would be a lot less painful. Unfortunately, it was also discovered that Haven had a severe heart murmur. A murmur that is almost as bad as it gets. She was given a very short life expectancy. Days, weeks, maybe a few months if she was lucky. She wasn’t adoptable and she was going to break someone’s heart in a short amount of time and I decided it may as well be mine. Haven joined my family that day and she has made it to 7 months old. She has defied all odds so far. She recently had a cardiac work up done, which involved an ultrasound to see exactly where the problem with her heart lies. Haven has something called severe Pulmonic Stenosis. Pulmonic Stenosis is a congenital heart defect of the semilunar valve that is between the right ventricle of the heart and the pulmonary artery (the vessel that takes blood to the lungs). The leaflets of this valve are thickened and/or partially fused together and restricting blood flow. Because of this, Haven shows signs of exercise intolerance and will occasionally faint when she exerts herself. As bad as this all sounds, I was over the moon to find out that there is hope for Haven. PS is operable and her quality and quantity of life can be greatly improved with a procedure called a Balloon Valvuloplasty. This procedure would need to be done at The Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada and it would be a 3 day long event from start to finish. This life saving surgery is going to cost roughly $7,000-$10,000. A Dozen Roses Animal Rescue and I are asking for your help to get Haven this life saving surgery. We can’t do this alone. Asking for help is usually out of the question for me but this is beyond my capabilities.  Please help me save Haven. She is so strong and so smart. Anyone who meets her instantly loves her. Haven has made my life better for being in it and I would give anything to see her live the long and healthy life she deserves. Haven is the dog I never knew I truly needed until she was here and I can’t imagine a life without her.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

Jojo was abandoned. She had severe demodectic mange and was malnourished.


Kringle was finally sprung from a pen where he was incarcerated for three years...his entire life.


Ivory was a stray for a long time, which no one could catch. She was thin and matted when finally caught. She now lives a happy, active life with her new family.


Jasper was going to be put down in 24 hours for kennel cough. He was pulled out at the last minute. He was 6 months old at the time.


Bluebell had hydrocephalus. She was found dumped in a parking lot. She now enjoys a happy, active life with her new family.


Bob is a 12 year old German Shepherd whose owner dumped him on the side of the road. Bob is now in a great home.


Tiny was born with only three legs. She now has a loving forever home.


Toby's new family knows all about pommies and looks forward to many adventures! Have a great life, Toby and stay home where you are safe and loved.


Chief was in a small pen with three siblings and they bullied him. He had "shut down" at the shelter and shook constantly.


Dolly was a puppy mill discard to be euthanized or given away because she is permanently and irrevocably blind. Her eyes never developed and are tiny and buried deep within her little head. She is now in a loving home.


Blue had renal problems and needed a quiet place to land. It was love at first site with his new soulmate.


Bonnie was feral and taken by an HOA order. She now has a happy home.

Jersey Boy

Jersey Boy was five months old and of an indeterminate breed. Maybe beagle, maybe shepherd and a dash or more of hound; In essence, a Heinz 57 variety and incredibly cute. His owners had moved, leaving him alone to die in an abandoned house with no food or water. A week later the realtor discovered him. He is now in a happy and loving home.


Pilgrim was rescued from a drug house. Pilgrim was hours from death, with total renal failure due to ingesting a poison, possibly drugs at that house. Today he is lively and happy.


Sasha was a poor little bedraggled ShihTzu, rescued from elderly owners with dementia who moved into assisted living. Welcome to your new home, Sasha!