We are the nation's most effective animal protection & animal welfare organization working to end suffering for all animals.

Every year, an estimated 4 to 6 million animals are euthanized. Our goals: spay/neutering, veterinary care for those in need and funding local shelters.

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About Us

The National Humane Society (The NHS) is a 501 © (3) Non-Profit Tax Exempt Charity organization dedicated to improving the lives of rescue animals across America. We stand with shelters and humane societies around the country in the mission to find abandoned animals homes and to help rectify the over-population crisis of dogs and cats in the US.

Through our efforts each year, and through the generous donations of our supporters, the National Humane Society aids and assists in funding individual shelters to give volunteers and the animals they serve a fighting chance of making a change. We actively support and engage with communities to improve perceptions of adopting animals, and to protect the animals in question. Our belief is that through education and conversation, we can be the change needed for animals around the country.

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Your tax deductible contributions help us combat the animal abuse and animal overpopulation in the United States. The National Humane Society is the difference between living and dying. Your money is genuinely changing the lives of millions of cats and dogs in the United States.

Through no fault of their own more than 7 million dogs and cats end up in shelters and breed rescues every year. Only one half of them will find a home. Donations to the National Humane Society go to shelters and breed rescues nationwide.

COVID-19 & Your Pets

  • Should I test my pet for COVID-19?
    None of the national veterinarian groups recommend companion animals be routinely tested for COVID-19.
  • Can pets transmit COVID-19 to people?
    Currently, there is no evidence that animals can transmit this virus to people. Animal-to-human transmission events are believed to be rare.
  • If my pet is sick and I think it is COVID-19, what should I do?
    If your pet gets sick after contact with a person with COVID-19, do not take it to your veterinarian; call your vet to determine what the next steps should be for your pet's treatment and care.