All donations are going to help animals
in the FL Panhandle due to Hurricane Michael.

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Drawing to be held 12/14/18

All donations are going to help animals
in California due to the wildfires.

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We sincerely thank you for all the donations and help.
Here are just a few of the animals your donations have helped this year.

Elite Sports Clubs hosted an all-day family friendly event to raise funds for Hurricane Relief and raised a total of $5,095 in support provided by the National Humane Society.
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Update: Thanks to everyone who shopped online at to help us raise money to help support the National Humane Society.

Your tax deductible contributions help us combat the animal abuse and animal overpopulation in the United States. The National Humane Society is the difference between living and dying. Your money is genuinely changing the lives of millions of cats and dogs in the United States.

Through no fault of their own more than 7 million dogs and cats end up in shelters and breed rescues every year. Only one half of them will find a home. Donations to the National Humane Society go to our shelters and breed rescues nationwide.