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  • porsche
  • corvette
  • classic corvette
  • tesla
  • cadillac escalade
  • range rover
  • ford raptor

raffle plus

win two cars





$100.00 extra

Drawing to be held 6/14/19

*  Buy 3 Tickets Get 25 Free!
*  Buy 1 Ticket Get 5 Free!
*  Buy 10 Tickets Get 75 Free!
      Thank you for your generosity

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Please select the number of tickets you wish to purchase. (Tickets are $100.00 each).
Please send me 3 raffle tickets and get 25 free
  Please send me 1 raffle ticket and get 5 free
Please send me 10 raffle tickets and get 75 free

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Classic 1965 Corvette
Cadillac Escalade
Range Rover
Ford Raptor Pickup Truck
$50,000.00 Cash

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